Business Process Integration

Design and develop Business processes that are standards based and service oriented, that may run across multiple applications and technologies. Our approach is based on asking the correct questions upfront thus avoiding design changes during implementation leading to budget overrun. Our design is based on building small components/ services that ultimately get connected to implement complex business processes. These processes would consist of Workflows, Realtime and batch sub-processes, components for critical functionality, notifications, escalations, alerts, error handling etc.

IBM Maximo Implementation

We have expertise in all Maximo areas, Installation, Configuration, Data migration, Screen modifications,  Customization, Integration and Reporting. Contact use for Maximo Enhancements, Support or Issue resolutions. Check details under Maximo section.

Application/ Web Development

Design and develop software product applications and components using faster iterations and short development cycles for continuous improvement. Our approach is based on delivering benefits to business in stages starting with deployment of base functionality, followed by adding new features/ enhancements in fixed periodic schedules. Use continuous integration and automated build services for compiling and testing the project anytime a development functionality is committed into the source code repository.

Data Mapping and Transformation

Discuss, document and test data mapping process. Perform data transformation using standard technologies like XML, XSL, XQuery, Java etc. Business performance can be increased with the correct data transformation design, reducing unnecessary transformation and transforming only required minimum data fields. 

Integration and Interfaces

Integration remains a primary concern for companies as they struggle to reconcile information among disparate packaged applications, legacy systems, and industry data standards. Our integration approach is based on considering business transaction boundaries during design phase, realtime and batch processes, usage of standard technologies like SOA, Web Services and XML. As we develop integration processes we would also build interfaces and common components in parallel if we see a need for it. This would allow exposing critical system/ application functionality and leveraging the effort in future. The points of exposure can be web services, http, ejb, plain Java API’s etc.

Data Migration and Conversions

Develop data migration scripts using languages like PL/ SQL, TSQL and Java, including error handling, logging and matching record counts. We have expertise in data migration for Maximo and Oracle Applications and also scheduled data sync processes between systems.